The Egg-Ring Ultralight Wood Burner Stove:

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This Egg-Ring Stove is a development of the traditional ‘three-stone fire’ using three tent pegs (21 grams) and an egg-ring (8 grams). NB: My latest model = 12.5 grams! The aluminium (easy drill) egg-rings cost $8 for 3 on eBay and stop the pegs from falling in/out. You need to drill three equidistant holes around the edge. Presumably you already carry tent pegs. These are the Vargo’s Shepherd’s Hook Titanium Pegs I wrote about here:  The unpainted ones weigh 7 grams each The shepherd’s hook shape is what make this so stable and work so well You would be better with the plain ones for this purpose, though the paint will quickly burn off I’m sure. The pot is Vargo’s Titanium 450 ml ‘Travel Mug’ with the stay-cool rim (62 grams)

The egg ring fits even in this cup when not in use. The egg-ring weighs 8 grams. So the stove set-up is 29 grams. A titanium windscreen would be a useful addition adding perhaps another 3-4 grams: You can see Spot approves of the set-up. If you haven’t an egg-ring and/or you want to make the set-up lighter, you could cut the top off a tin can (one which has a ring pull) with a can opener which cuts around the wall of the can. This will produce a lighter ring when you take the top off. If you can find a largish aluminium cat food can, this ring might only weigh 3 grams. Or you could (carefully cut the 9 gram egg ring in half with a 1mm disc on your angle grinder. The smaller holes you will need for these stakes will make it wide enough. If you use the 1 gram stakes I used here you will have a set-up which weighs only 7.5  grams. Beat that!

You can use this set-up with a wood fire (you may want to carry a disc of aluminium flashing to prevent scorching the ground), or with an esbit stove or an alcohol stove. You can even use this set-up to simmer food by dragging a few coals out of your camp fire for the purpose I usually camp out in the cooler months and use a fire. I never camp where anyone else does, so this is not a problem. I am thinking of using this last method to drive a Peltier to charge my electronic devices. More about that later…

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