Thrilling Tales: 37 Days of Peril

You can survive: Truly alone in the wilderness: Lost in Yellowstone for 37 days pretty much without equipment, food, clothing or shelter. ‘After wandering away from the rest of the expedition on September 9, 1870, Everts managed to lose the … Continued

The Twelve Woodlores: Ray Mears.

Some sound advice from the introduction of Ray’s excellent ‘The Survival Manual’. If you have not caught up yet with Ray, you should. He is the original of those poor copies such as Bear Grylls having trained the SAS and … Continued

Thrilling tales: Erin McKittrick:

This young lady (accompanied by her husband, Hig) is amongst the greatest living explorers. Their 4,000 mile trek along the US Pacific Coast related in her book ‘A Long Trek Home’ is astonishing – but it proved to be only … Continued

Lost at Fromelles:

Just like thousands of other Australians I lost a relative at Fromelles a hundred years ago today. Private Joseph Leslie (Roy) Martin Number 1584, 30th battalion AIF, an ex cadet, single labourer from Grenfell NSW, an uncle who would never … Continued

Archaeology is exciting.

There is so much more to learn. Its secrets should never be locked away from us (eg by spurious claims of respect for remote ‘ancestors’). I have enormous respect for these ancient ‘Spaniards’ who were the first people into America … Continued

Thrilling Tales: The DIY Motorcycle:

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Emile Leray built a working motorbike from a broken down car to escape the African desert: ‘A Frenchman has found fame over 20 years later after pulling off a remarkable escape from the Moroccan desert – by building a motorbike … Continued

This Book May Save Your Life:

At very least it will make it enormously better. Enough that you can look forward to enjoying hiking in your 70s, 80s and 90s (coming up sooner than you think!) It will totally CURE Type 2 Diabetes in 8 weeks! … Continued

Thrilling Tales: Daniel Boone:

If Boone could do it, I can: ‘According to one story, in 1810 (at age 79) or later, Boone went with a group on a long hunt as far west as the Yellowstone River, a remarkable journey (from Missouri to … Continued

Hannibal Lektor’s hand:

So far (I think) it has not crept out at night to do mayhem on the innocent – but it’s sure looking impressive. I am now an amalgam of machine parts: you might like to tell anyone you know whose … Continued

Thrilling Tales: ‘The Road to Endor’

By E.H Jones is simply the most amazing true escape story, ever. I have been recommending it to people for fifty years but it has largely been out of print. I have not owned a copy myself for most of … Continued

Thrilling Tales: Lewis & Clark

A Film by Ken Burns 1997. About the first crossing of the American continent (by Europeans) in 1804-6. We have spent the last two nights simply mesmerised by this amazing documentary. Ken Burns is always such a treat! (You probably … Continued

Sambar Deer Stalking #103:

I have been a hunter for over 60 years. I still feel much more thought needs to be given to the ethics of the hunt. It never ceases to amaze me (for example) that Rene Descartes, one of the West’s … Continued

Tim Severin – What a Guy!

WHAT a guy! Not many in modern times (save perhaps Thor Heyerdahl: have adventured like this chap, eg: The Brendan Voyage (1976–1977), The Sindbad Voyage (1980–1981), The Jason Voyage (1984), The Ulysses Voyage (1985), The China Voyage (May–November 1993), … Continued

Travels in a Donkey Trap by Daisy Baker:

    This is such a lovely book ‘A charming memoir. She shares memories of her past along with her “adventures” in the donkey cart. She looks back from 1970 to a slower time. We see 1970 as a very … Continued

Ion Idriess: The Desert Column

Facsimile CoverWhen I was a lad I thrilled to the works of Ion Idriess (and Nevil Shute: ‘A Town Like Alice’, ‘On the Beach’, etc) I still wonder at his retelling of the Kidman story (‘The Cattle King’) … Continued