Inspiring People

Sambar Deer Stalking #103:

I have been a hunter for over 60 years. I still feel much more thought needs to be given to the ethics of the hunt. It never ceases to amaze me (for example) that Rene Descartes, one of the West’s pre-eminent thinkers (and someone I also recognise as an outstandingly bright hombre cf his contribution …

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Tim Severin – What a Guy!

WHAT a guy! Not many in modern times (save perhaps Thor Heyerdahl: have adventured like this chap, eg: The Brendan Voyage (1976–1977), The Sindbad Voyage (1980–1981), The Jason Voyage (1984), The Ulysses Voyage (1985), The China Voyage (May–November 1993), In Search of Moby Dick: Quest for the White Whale (1999):

Travels in a Donkey Trap by Daisy Baker:

    This is such a lovely book ‘A charming memoir. She shares memories of her past along with her “adventures” in the donkey cart. She looks back from 1970 to a slower time. We see 1970 as a very different time. What country road would accommodate a donkey cart these days – certainly extremely …

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Ion Idriess: The Desert Column

Facsimile CoverWhen I was a lad I thrilled to the works of Ion Idriess (and Nevil Shute: ‘A Town Like Alice’, ‘On the Beach’, etc) I still wonder at his retelling of the Kidman story (‘The Cattle King’) I confess I have not read the wonderful book reviewed so capably here: regarding …

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Les Voyageurs

You might enjoy this short Canadian film based on Les Voyageurs, (French-Canadians who ‘conquered’ the West with their giant canoes from the C16th onwards. What a great time to have been alive: