Thrilling Tales: Daniel Boone:

If Boone could do it, I can: ‘According to one story, in 1810 (at age 79) or later, Boone went with a group on a long hunt as far west as the Yellowstone River, a remarkable journey (from Missouri to Montana) at his age, if true. In 1816, a United States officer at Fort Osage, on the Missouri, wrote: We have been honored by a visit from Colonel Boone, the first settler of Kentucky; he lately spent two weeks with us…. He left this for the river Platt, some distance above. Col Boon is eighty-five years of age, five feet seven inches high, stoutly made, and active for one of his years; is still of vigorous mind, and is pretty well informed. He has taken part in all the wars of America, from before Braddock’s war to the present hour.’

Daniel Boone

Audobon Portrait at age 85!

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