Steep Creeks

Adventure Pro. This is a great site for information about canoeing just so many wonderful streams in Australia. In this particular section they showcase little known and difficult sections, or ‘steep creeks’ such as the Moroka which I have copied … Continued

Ultralight Pack Rafting Life Vest:

PFDs are often pretty heavy. Alpacka have this one at 554 grams which is (I imagine) about as light as they get. I discovered that inflatable PFDs you buy from boating supplies shops have an airline PFD inside them. … Continued

Canoeing in Gippsland

There are some major river trips which can be had wholly in Gippsland. For instance…Someday it is my intention to clear the Tyers River from Christmas Creek down to Wirilda Park (near the junction with the Latrobe). In the past … Continued

Trafalgar/Noojee’s ‘Little India’

Yesterday we continued our reconnaissance of Trafalgar/Noojee’s ‘Little India’, a peninsula of forest which hangs down from the mountains into the lush Gippsland farmland along the upper Latrobe River. Though the Hawthorn Creek Bridge campsite has been closed (too many … Continued