Mountainsmith Slingback Chair

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I have become aware of this ‘new’ hiking chair this morning, the Mountainsmith Slingback Chair. It is normally US$24.95 but available on Massdrop for US$17.99 (Feb 2018)  You have to say this chair looks very like the ‘Jerry Chair’ I … Continued

Ultralight Shooting Stick:

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The Flipstick: I used one of these for years before my neurosurgery back operation – recommended, as I had absolute agony staying on my feet without a break for any period of time. They would also be useful if you … Continued

Ultralight Chair: the Litesmith Qwikback:

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I don’t know which came first, the ‘Jerry Chair’ I posted about here or this 75 gram one. Whichever, this is an interesting idea for an ultralight chair for the trail if you are not handy enough to make your … Continued

Bathtub Groundsheet Chair

As you can see I have completed the first prototype of this project which I have long threatened. I learned a lot in the process, so that there will be substantial changes between where it is at now and the … Continued

The Ultralight Bush Chair

Reader Jenny wrote to tell me about these wonderful chairs she makes when hiking. She thinks she could get the pack weight of her chair down to 50 grams. She writes, ‘The material is just a rectangle of fabric, with … Continued

Ultralight Chair/Groundsheet:

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I found this image on Pinterest but could not find who to recognise/praise for it (my apologies to the clever inventor). I have been going to make one of these (see: out of Tyvek (will be soon for my … Continued