Yarra Ranges 1866

A friend recently sent me a copy of this splendid 1866 map of the County of Buln Buln, to the East of Melbourne. What a historic treasure it is! you can clearly see the route of what would later be … Continued

Upper Yarra Track: 1925 Tourist Brochure & Map

Upper Yarra Track: A couple of GEMS: 1925 Tourist Brochure and Map. Even better quality copy available here: http://digital.slv.vic.gov.au/view/action/nmets.do?DOCCHOICE=1466844.xml&dvs=1421880875305~848&locale=en_GB&search_terms=&adjacency=&divType=&usePid1=true&usePid2=true

Upper Yarra Track

Thomas Osburg has some wonderful resources about the Upper Yarra Track and other Yarra Ranges matters at his excellent website here: http://www.yarrarangesbushcamp.com/ (see also under ‘More’), such as this photo from http://www.yarrarangesbushcamp.com/yarra-track-1895.html : There you will also find reports of … Continued