South Coast Track Plans

We are planning to walk the South Coast Track at the bottom of Tasmania in February or March. This is an entertaining 8 day trek along parts of Tasmania’s wilderness coast. Should be just marvellous. Maybe YOU would like to join us, but beware: we are ultralight campers; you may have to carry the beer! Though usually Steve drinks Bacardi 151 and Della some liqueur when up the bush and far from our trusty motor car. Four days hike away from it is nice. You SHOULD try it. And we will have 8 days of fine weather. How do I know? We will go when it is forecast to be fine. If you haven’t found this site yet, the American Weather Bureau gives a very accurate 16 day forecast. Don’t know why our BOM can’t figure out how to do this. All you have to know are the co-ordinates of where you want the forecast for. Steve has used this on his last three trips to Fiordland (where it normally rains 20 METRES per year) and hasn’t needed a raincoat. So there!


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