A New Ultralight Pack

My old ultralight pack (330 grams) is beginning to shred so I thought I would try one of these (at 450 grams) – probably suit as carry-on luggage too. A good buy at about A$150 delivered: http://www.sixmoondesigns.com/packs/Swift.html My choice for the other two of the ‘big three’ are the Thermarest Neoair Regular (370 grams) mat and the Montbell Ultralight Super Stretch Down Hugger #3 (@ 30 degrees F) sleeping bag at just over 500 grams. Ron Moak has an interesting shelter/raincoat too, the Gatewood Cape at 300 grams. This makes the total for the four heaviest items less than 1.5 kilos. Most people’s packs OR sleeping bags OR tents weigh more than this.

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