Two Days Canoeing the Thomson River

I have been thinking it would be a really good weekend to canoe the Thomson River given the projected (over 30’s) temperatures even though there is not a lot of water (suits me). Unfortunately my wife Della no longer feels confident enough to canoe the Thomson, so I am thinking about going by myself which is how I started out on most rivers many years ago. Maybe I can look forward to a couple of grilled fresh trout – hard to beat except maybe for our delicious local blackfish. Perhaps I should take the Alpacka pack raft?

Update: I am now back from two days away by myself white-water canoeing on the Thomson River. This morning I am feeling like I am too old for such shenanigans. The pneumonia I had a few weeks’ ago has left me much less fit. It was 39C on Saturday and 34C yesterday but surprisingly yesterday morning over a riverside breakfast I was wearing my coat. Such a lovely cool place to be on a very hot day. Re-read ‘A Canticle for Liebowitz’ by the river while drinking ice-cold Carlton Light cans: an interesting read for those of you who are still Catholics (or want to understand them) and for anyone who enjoys the end of the world.

Update: Two days later I feel better than I have for a month. More wilderness trips are obviously what the doctor ordered


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