Tamar Valley & Beauty Point: Tasmania

Riviera on the Tamar: “The Tamar Hotel” who could want for more? The beds and shower are soft, the sheets are clean, the beer cold enough to bite. The meals excellent and inexpensive: I really enjoyed the $7 salt and pepper squid with sweet chilli sauce, a $19 mixed grill too large to eat with mushroom sauce, and last night Spiro’s incomparable steaks. The view across the Tamar is astonishing and varied. The company incomparable. 

Beauty Point

Beauty Point: Moonlight awakens me to a stargazey night: out on the estuary the navigation beacons well shafts of coloured lights towards me where the wind casts webs on the glassy surface of the estuary.


You may have missed this; I certainly did. After walking endless days and driving endless days through the absolutely awful ‘world heritage wildernesses’ of Southern & Western Tassie, I probably opined to you that they should give the whole bloody lot to Rio (in the unlikely event event they would want it: who else would love an endless peat swamp we walked across for seven whole days) and which contained four living creatures (we’re still not sure whether they meant species or individuals). There weren’t even any mossies (nothing to eat!) and no animal tracks, fewmets etc. Just bloody dreadful. One day on our driving trip we camped (at one of the better spots) ‘Prickly Wattle Camp’ – what a delight IT was! Nonetheless, I was somewhat surprised to learn that Tony Bourke has actually given it to the miners! No wonder Chrissie had a hissiefit! http://www.smh.com.au/opinion/politics/ore-values-over-core-values-as-labor-gives-tarkine-to-miners-20130219-2epdp.html#ixzz2LNXBNBRp

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