Four Wheel Campers

We got our camper from in California sometime back. We have been away in it a few times and found it brilliant (especially the bed). The gas fridge keeps everything nice and cold. We have a space heater and a water heater with an outside shower. We may add a rooftop solar panel to supplement the car’s charger if we need it. Unfortunately it was a little back heavy for the 110, so I have fitted an alloy tray to the Defender (reducing its mass by 200+kg). Have fitted anti-sway bars front and back, heavy duty springs and shockers and replaced all other steering/suspension components, fitted a winch up front, a second (87 litre water tank) underneath the front of the tray, have moved the camper’s water tank forward & have managed to lower the height of the camper by nearly 3”. I have also fitted a second set of rear shockers. I will also be moving the camper’s hot water tank down and forward. There will be some more storage boxes under the tray and above the cabin. We will be able to tow the motorbike so we can do hikes or canoe trips in our Alpacka rafts and still get back to the truck.


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