Peanut Butter Toast Soldiers


I must say that when our kids were tiny they ate lashings of PB (Peanut Buttter)with no thought (from us) that it might be bad for them. Indeed I was astonished to learn there WAS such a thing as PB allergy (Is there?) AND that Statists insisted that PB be banned from kids’ lunches etc. Now, we find that it was the nervous nellies (ever worried that their little preciouses might come into contact with earth, earwigs, evil MEN & etc) who CAUSED the problem. Maybe THEY should be banned from HAVING children. Anyway, fortunately the problem (PB allergy) can be cured, and we can all get on with eating this excellent (hiking) food which has in excess of 6 CALORIES PER GRAM. Even better if you mix it with butter and honey:

We find PB excellent for lunches on top of 9 Grains Vita-Wheat biscuits. We store them against breakage in those ultra-light leftovers freezer containers available at Safeway and elsewhere. I can still remember a memorable meal munching on them half way up the Red Hills gazing back over Cox’s Bight on our 2011 across Tasmania walk: FOOD FADDISTS BEWARE: So what food IS good for you/ Maybe try the red meat, eggs, fat and salt diet:

Other fine accompaniments are salami and cheese, tuna spread, etc.

Other hiking food ideas:

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