Honda CT110

My brand new Honda 2010 CT110 Dual Range has just arrived from Sydney thanks to Uship (20.7 km on the clock!) Many hiking/canoeing adventures await us thanks to this marvellous machine. Honda Australia (in its wisdom?) no longer imports this model (though every so often they weaken and let a few in) even though it is the most commonly produced motorcycle in the world, and now available everywhere else in a new model with fuel injection and an increase of approx 20% in horsepower and fuel economy – what wonderful technology!) You can see that the large cargo racks (and low range) allow you to take a lot of gear practically anywhere. The air intake is up under the main back rack; the sparkplug is well protected from water, so even river crossings can be attempted. It weighs in at a little over 80 kg, so if you have to push or lift it, you can. I am going to make a (Hayman Reese) hitch carrier for mine (none of the production ones are at all suitable – there will be a later post about that). It will fit on the back of the Discovery or the long wheel base Defender even with the camper attached. The older models had foldable handlebars (which could be turned 90 degrees to the wheel for transportation). I don’t know why they dropped that feature or whether it can be retrofitted. If the latter, the bike would sit less than a foot out from the hitch point.

USHIP: I have just discovered this amazing service. I needed another (!) Honda CT110 motorbike I bought online in Sydney delivered. The best quote I could get otherwise was $532, with others at $650-750. These folks operate like eBay. They AUCTION the service. First two bids came in at $350, which I though was great – until I accepted one at $239! You can have ANYTHING shipped this way. BOOKMARK them:

Honda CT110

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