Motorbike Hitch Carrier

HITCH CARRIERI have been looking at getting one of these for my motorcycle. Unfortunately all those available are either too low, weak or unstable. Some stick out horizontally at least 750mm (some even drop DOWN). Even the rear tie-outs are horizontal instead of angling up 45 deg. They would BOTTOM dreadfully. Nearly all depend on the one central Hayman Reese receiver point when it would be a simple matter to weld two more of these on each side to give greater strength and prevent sway. (In either case you will have to refer to your towbar’s weight capacity and may have to modify shocks etc to compensate). One of my first jobs when I come home will be to build one. The steel has cost well UNDER $100 whereas folks are wanting to charge sometimes OVER $1,000 for these items, so a bit of handyman stuff WILL save money. These folks have some useful bits if you are not so handy:  & 

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