Leatherman ‘Squirt’:

I have long carried the Leatherman ‘Micra’ (still do). This is the very best tool for cutting toenails on the trail. Also handy for a million and one other things: cutting up fish, splinters, opening bottles (you can use the bottle opener backwards as a can opener, repairing your glasses, etc. http://www.theultralighthiker.com/leatherman-micra-multitool/ The ‘Squirt’ with its handy pair of pliers might come in handy for other repaiirs, or as a fishing tool etc if you do not need such a serious pair of scissors for your nails. Both tools are around 50 grams.


1.Spring-action Needlenose Pliers 2. Spring-action Regular Pliers 3.Spring-action Wire Cutters 4. 420HC Knife 5. Spring-action Scissors 6. Flat/Phillips Screwdriver 7. Bottle Opener 8. Wood/Metal File 9. Medium Screwdriver

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