Solunar tables

deer moon

I have a friend who swears by these. He claims enormously enhanced fishing/hunting success using them. I have certainly noticed that there are clear peaks in game activity; I have even noticed a relationship myself with the phases of the moon…perhaps it is time to give this theory a test? ( There are various websites you can go to to create/download tables for your area. Some are free, eg

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  1. Hi first time here was hunting a couple of weeks back i notice when I go out for a hunt at this time of year not much happening last week i was honked she run away honking three times sat at my same spot about 1 hrs later she come back i can here her just kerp honking over and over for some time then she took off some info would help thanks

    1. It’s a pretty common experience any time of the year. This hind probably had a poddy with her – why she came back; it was fast asleep. A bit too hot for carting meat out of the bush; and the risk of fires. I usually canoe summers ( Not much water left now, alas but you might still ‘catch the wave when it is safe: but the Upper Latrobe would be good and could use some clearing (Noojee to Willow Grove). Cheers, Steve.

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