Does Spot like to hunt deer?

Spot 1

This is our Jack Russell, Spot. Does Spot like to hunt deer? Say, ‘Yes’ Spot. Good Dog! Spot is three years old. He came into our lives on our 40th wedding anniversary. Perhaps we should have called him ‘Ruby’. Naturally he started out as ‘JR’ or “Jack’ as they all do,  but ‘Spot’ seems to fit him best.

He is the greatest Jack Russell in the world. Aren’t you Spot? You see! This is my very first Gif. I will get better at it. Expect to see some more of them and other video content over time. Perhaps you missed this video already though :

Spot is learning to flush and bail. Every night we take the dogs for a five km walk somewhere around the Jeeralangs where we live. The area is heavily forested with innumerable solitary tracks. We never see anyone else walking or driving, so it is nice. We see lots of kangaroos and wallabies. These are good practice.

Sometimes we see any of four species of deer which have become relatively common hereabouts: red, sambar, fallow and hog deer. Spot is getting a little practice on them. Soon it will be cool enough to head for the mountains with him again where there will be mostly only sambar deer (lots of them!) and very little other game.

When I say, ‘Fetch ’em out’ you should see him move! There are some deer out there who are in for a big surprise this year! The great thing about Jack Russells is they are as game as Ned Kelly yet they are so compact they require very little food on a hunting trip, and they will fit in your sleeping bag with you – though Spot has his own – soon to be an ultralight one, approx 100 grams! Sambar deer don’t tend to run from them. They bail, and whilst bailed pretty much ignore me and focus on the dog. This is very foolish of them – but they are tasty! Are they yummy Spot? ‘Yes!’ You see!

2016-04-20 11.12.32 comp

I am pretty much finished the roof of my new tent. I am just sewing some reinforcing at the peak and the beak tonight, and some tie outs there for hanging my lantern/torch ( – and stringing a clothesline, that is after working in the vegie garden all day. Tomorrow I will start on the bathtub floor.

This tent is going to be able to sleep four people and will weigh less then 800 grams including the floor, pegs, guys, stuff sack etc – and you can have a fire just outside to warm it. It will weigh in at about 400 grams in cuben fibre – I intend to make another in .63oz/yd camo cuben with a 1oz/yd floor. I am quite gobsmacked about it – and will be posting about it when it is finished, and maybe after I have taken it on a little expedition somewhere. I had better also finish Spot’s new sleeping bag! Back to work!

Did you know Spot has a raincoat:

PS Jan 2019: Here is the completed tent in 1 oz silnylon 379 grams. The Siligloo. And we have taken it out a few times. It was great: Spot is now 6 years old – and has had many adventures with us in the meantime…

Posted April 30 2016

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