New Decagon Octagon Tyvek Igloo Tent Design:

I am really pleased with this new tent as I have solved the problem of how to construct a pyramid tent without zips and which has a verandah to completely exclude the rain. It is a huge tent. As you can see, you can warm it with a fire out the front; there is plenty of room for two (plus dogs) and all their gear – and then some! There is ample standing room. It has a bathtub floor. You can lock it down to an invulnerable octagon in storm mode. It has a clothesline, three hangers, glasses etc pockets both sides. It needs ten stakes (@ 8-11 grams each = 110 grams) to erect and two poles (which can be cut up the bush – or use two-three hiking poles or you can buy Easton/Carbon ones here:

DSCN2011 comp

Front View.

In Tyvek it weighs 1,000 grams (including floor and tie-outs) and would weigh about 420 grams (under 550 inc. stakes) in Cuben Fibre (.67oz/yd2 camo for the roof & 1 oz/yd2 for the floor). It would weigh about 750 grams (without stakes) in 1.3oz/yd2 Silnylon. I overdid it on the bathtub floor (6” sides) width and height and length of beak. Could easily shave a couple of hundred grams off this weight on my next model. Two Easton poles (if needed) would weigh under 200 grams.

You could easily scale it down quite a bit and still fit two people and their gear in it. If you shortened the height of each triangle  and the width, the tent should weigh perhaps 60% of what it does now, say under 700 grams anyway – in Tyvek, and clearly about half that in cuben!


DSCN2005 comp

Inside View: plenty of room for two 6′ (1.8 m) Neoair mats and lots of gear.


Plenty of standing room.

DSCN2020 comp

Rear View.

DSCN2018 comp

Side View.

DSCN2022 comp

Storm Mode

As usual, make one of these for your own use but if you want to manufacture them, I would like some credit – and some cash, please!

NB: Here is a neat way to do the catenary curves: ( ‘using a length of 6mm dowel (or some other equivalent), and some heavy weights to keep it in place position the dowel so that it intersects the two corners and the mid catenary cut mark, and draw a line along the dowel.’

catenary curve

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    1. Hi David, Thank you for your interest. It is early days for me as far as setting up a shop on my website. I will keep your interest in mind and message you when I have set one up. I have a lot of work to do on the tent plans, sourcing of materials, website functionality etc – but I will get there. I also have a few other ‘inventions’ which will be central to such a shop. I figure I need around 10 things to sell, then I have to figure out the mechanics of filling orders, postage, etc. At the moment I am having all these problems with website and domain hosting to resolve. Meanwhile I also have all these daily tasks to do around the farm – as well as my usual hiking posts, and having a bit of fun now and then. Cheers, Steve.

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