A Broken Zipper Fixer!



At last, a broken zipper fixer: What a brilliant idea:

FixnZip® isn’t your average zipper repair kit. It’s a replacement zipper slider that you can install without tools or sewing.

  • FixnZip® replaces damaged or missing zipper sliders.
  • Repairs broken zippers that separate or come undone.
  • Fits a range of zipper sizes.
  • Works on nylon coils as well as plastic and metal teeth.
  • Can be used on both opened and closed end zippers.

https://www.fixnzip.com/ & http://www.equipped.org/blog/?p=86


It looks as if an even simpler device (Fix a Zipper) is now available (Jan 2018) on eBay, available in six packs (out of China) for around a dollar!

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