How To Make A Fire With A Gum Wrapper And A Battery

A very useful Instructable by Captain MacTavish but I think I would stick with the method suggested here: & here:

What you will need is a gum wrapper and a “AA” or a “AAA” battery


Step 1: Prepping


Place the negative part of the battery on the metallic part of the wrapper.

Step 2: The Fire:


Cover the top part of the battery and hold it there with something other than your hand! You will burn yourself, The FIRE!

Handy hint: ‘If you have no gum just get some steel wool [pot scrubber] and put some tinder on top of it,then get a 9 volt battery and touch on the steel wool and”hey presto” you have a fire!!’

See also How To Make a Fire with AA Battery and Gum:


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