There is Simply Nothing Like an Old Port Walking Trail:

Yesterday we decided to have a day off and enjoy a peaceful walk along this beautiful Gippsland trail. Because we are replete with serendipity we happened to be there at low tide (Do!)!/vic-port-welshpool-pier This way you can walk one way along the shore and return along the bridle path, or vice versa.

You can turn right at the caravan park sign on your right after the turn to Port Albert, go to the end of the road and start the walk there. Going this way you can avail yourself of really beautiful fish and chips (and mayhap a cold lager) at the grill and bar where the old (fire ravaged) hotel used to be (turn left at the Rocket Hut near the jetty – 50 metres on left). Highly recommended.

You can dawdle along and take about two hours each way, skipping stones, poking periwinkles, admiring the many gorgeous birds, snapping splendid sunsets, etc. If you wish (or have time) you can walk a further couple of hours along the foreshore towards Tarraville and Robertsons Beach.

DSCN2307 comp

Della and the dogs enjoyed the view.

DSCN2299 comp

Spot loves to race across the sand.

DSCN2323 comp

Glorious stippled patterns on the sand draw the dogs together,

DSCN2326 comp

Then launch them apart.

DSCN2329 comp

Spot bouncing on rays of stippled sunlight.

DSCN2347 comp

Past a red-billed shearwater.

DSCN2362 comp

A royal spoonbill takes off.

DSCN2352 comp

Just a hint of the Srzelecki Hills

DSCN2369 comp

Some beautiful mangroves.

DSCN2386 comp

And banksias.

DSCN2387 comp

A blue haze of Wilsons Prom in the background.

DSCN2392 comp

You can walk back along the bridle path.

DSCN2399 comp

Past grass trees flowering.

DSCN2403 comp

Ubiquitous flowering wattles.

DSCN2407 comp

Finally a sunset over Corner Inlet.

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