Wilsons Prom

Sand and Sea Training

I am starting to recover a bit from my back op so time for a wedding anniversary toddle around Sandy Point/Shallow Inlet South Gippsland Vic. As usual Spot leads the way through the Tea Tree tunnel to the inlet. Where we are greeted by this wonderful view. Wilsons Prom in the distance. You can see …

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Waratah Bay

You can walk practically the entire Gippsland Coast from Phillip Island to NSW. After you have walked along Venus Bay Beach, (there is a path inland) past the Arch Rocks and rounded Cape Liptrap, if you have managed to make your way down to Maitland Beach, you will soon come to Bear Gully (or you …

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On Sunday we spent a few hours in preliminary exploration between Port Albert and Welshpool. It seems like it will be possible to walk from Welshpool to the track at the edge of the private land which runs down from Old Telegraph Road to Port Albert. (It is very hard to spot as it appears …

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The Isthmus

We spent the afternoon poking around on the Wilsons Prom Isthmus, an area easily ignored as you roar down from Foster to the National Park, but in many ways it is scenically superior to the park itself. We had time only to drive down five roads to the sea, and take a peek: Foster Beach …

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There is Simply Nothing Like an Old Port Walking Trail:

Yesterday we decided to have a day off and enjoy a peaceful walk along this beautiful Gippsland trail. Because we are replete with serendipity we happened to be there at low tide (Do!) http://www.bom.gov.au/australia/tides/#!/vic-port-welshpool-pier This way you can walk one way along the shore and return along the bridle path, or vice versa. You can …

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Glamping Wilsons Prom:

You can spend a lovely two days walking from Mt Oberon Car park to Wilsons Prom Lighthouse and back staying in pretty plush accommodation at the lighthouse. The distances are considerable, but this way you only need to carry a daypack with emergency supplies, a bottle of wine to drink on the verandah at night …

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Pristine Beaches

It would be nice to see a lot more of these (and the same goes for eg riverbanks). I am sick to death of people being allowed to blot out the landscape with their monstrous tasteless, flashy holiday homes, condos, restaurants etc. I am all for banning of all permanent buildings, towns, cities, villages along …

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To The Lighthouse

We recently hiked 43km over two days (one hot, one wet and cold) to and from the Wilson’s Prom Light Station. Today we are a bit stiff and sore (I think mainly from the VERY hot walk on Wednesday afternoon) I am pretty happy to be still able to walk 20+km a day carrying a pack …

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Giant Toe Rock: Wilson’s Prom

A gorgeous afternoon at the giant toe rock at Wilson’s Promontory.