Corner Inlet

Corner Inlet (above Wilson’s Prom) is such a treasure. If you are walking from Phillip Island to Eden along the coast (which you must, one day) you can wander along its amazing foreshore bird watching etc for days and if you have a pack raft you can even manage to get across the few spots (such as Port Franklin, Port Albert etc )without heading inland to an alternative route along the Great Southern Rail Trail (which extends 72 km from Leongatha to Port Welshpool). You can even paddle out (on a calm day) to explore some of themany islands (such as Bullock, Snake, etc. Some of them have fresh water and walking tracks. Snake Island for example has lots of both – as well as innumerable koalas and hog deer. Mostly you would be walking along the shore a few hours each side of low tide, camping near one of the many small freshwater creeks which run down to it.

That is Wilsons Prom in the distance (seen here from Toora. You could start at Miller’s Landing (the end of the Johnny Souey Walking Track (if you had circumnavigated the Prom – as you should!) You can see that you can easily walk for miles at a lowish tide along the mudflats and sandbars – just don’t get caught by the rising tide with nowhere else to go but spending a night up a mangrove!

The mangroves down south here are not usually big enough to climb anyway, but you can usually find a way through them to higher ground. These flats are a beachcomber’s delight.

A closer image of Wilson’s Prom.

Fishing boats at Port Franklin.

Walking track at Port Franklin.

A pair of whimbrel (above) and a blue crane (below) enjoying the mud flats.

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