Sand and Sea Training

I am starting to recover a bit from my back op so time for a wedding anniversary toddle around Sandy Point/Shallow Inlet South Gippsland Vic. As usual Spot leads the way through the Tea Tree tunnel to the inlet.

Where we are greeted by this wonderful view. Wilsons Prom in the distance.

You can see it a little more clearly here.

You can see why it is called ‘Sandy Point. (I do love these unimaginative, evocative names (Stony Creek, Deep Creek, Murderer’s Hill etc)

It might be the Sahara Desert.

Those beautiful patterns in the dunes.

Just the odd succulent finding some nutrients somehow.

The inlet is such a deep azure.

As you can see I had to sit down frequently, but I am getting there.

You can walk all the way around the inlet. There are even a couple of small freshwater creeks as well as water at Sandy Point township (supermarket, liquor take away etc), and the Shallow Inlet Caravan Park. There is not much between there and the Darby River or Fairy Cove however. Lots of birds to see though.

Afterwards we had a delightful meal at McCartins Hotel, Leongatha. Some people can eat an enormous chocolate mousse like this without putting on weight.

This is my first 5 km ‘outing’. I had planned to be on the Dusky Track by February’s end, hoping to hear a moose roar echo around the fiords one more time in my life, but I just won’t be fit enough this year. Perhaps next. They do sound something like a Koala Bear such as this little fellow who was at our mail box this morning when I went to bring it in. There are lots of koalas to be seen in the sugar gums all along the South Gippsland Coast too.

We have lots of blue gums in our road for guys like this to eat. View from our mail box.

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4 thoughts on “Sand and Sea Training”

    1. Thanks Richard. I am getting better every day. Today my first day over 9,000 steps. Aiming for 10,000+ every day by the end of Feb. Hope I am able to do 20,000 by the end of March – then maybe I can go off and do the Dusky Track again! Cheer, Steve.

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