New Cookset: Toaks 1350 ml UL

2016-08-14 14.14.17 comp

One of the pleasant surprises my birthday brought this year was this wonderful Toaks 1350 ml pot and frypan lid from Trail Designs ( Though only 9 grams heavier then my Toaks 1100 ml pot it holds 250ml more, so it is big enough for the biggest meals for two people on the trail (or for heating enough water for a shower:  – and the frypan (at over 6” – 155mm) is big enough to do some serious cooking with (eg: I found that my ‘egg ring’ stove makes an excellent stand for it ( The Toaks windscreen works well with it ( and Trail Designs 12-10 alcohol stove ( with simmer ring/s ( cooks my hiking meals to perfection.


Pot                               101 grams

Frypan Lid                  62 grams

Egg Ring                     8 grams

3 x Vargo pegs            21 grams

Toaks Windscreen       17 grams

Inc. paperclips             1.5 grams

12-10 Stove                 16 grams

Simmer Rings              3 grams

Plastic cup                   29 grams

.5l Platypus bottle       35 grams

Measure:                      1.5 grams

Total:                         295 grams

NB; If ordering this pot and lid check that they have the ultralight lid in stock, as apparently there are two different lids.

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