No Sew Sandals 80 grams:





I made this pair as an experiment as I know there are lots of folk who don’t sew. This pair can be made with a pair of scissors, some blue hiking mat foam, a car inner tube, some Velcro and some contact adhesive (eg Selley’s Gel Grip) Should take you less than half an hour. They weigh 80 grams each in US size 9.5 , but could be trimmed a little. They would make excellent hut booties or for river crossings – or you could walk a long way in them if your shoes gave out.

PS: You could easily add a heel strap by contacting on another 1/2″ strip of inner tube rubber.

In reply to a comment that they might not be durable enough eg for rock fishing: ‘This is not their purpose.  Instead it is to have an ultralight pair of hut booties for when your shoes are wet (or river crossing shoes to keep your feet dry) which you can make yourself with just a pair of scissors. They also double as a pair of emergency shoes should your hiking shoes fall apart. NB: The above shoes are for ultralight hiking; they are not camping shoes. The whole idea is lightness when you have to carry all your things in a pack for days on end. These shoes are also at least 50% lighter than any bought shoe currently available. i understand that there are more durable shoes available. That is not the point.’

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