Toughened Foam Flip Flop 30 grams:


This foam which is toughened on one side making it suitable for quieting and insulating concrete workshop floors makes a more durable foam flip-flop which also has some grip.

You can cut it out in a minute with a pair of scissors. All you need is a little contact adhesive and some Velcro to finish the job. The result is a camp shoe which should last many trips which weighs just 30 grams (each)

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2 thoughts on “Toughened Foam Flip Flop 30 grams:”

    1. Thanks Mike, I bought it in the local $2 store – probably also find it at Supercheap Autos. They sell it for surfacing workshop areas to make them quieter, warmer and not so slippery. You can just use the blue foam from a hiking mat. Cheers, Steve.

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