More about DIY PFDs: 114 grams

You can make a lighter non compliant PFD which you fill with other inflatable items, eg Platypus bottles (I carry a 1 and 2 litre bottle, pillows (I carry the Exped Ultralight), wine bladders (who doesn’t have a few of them lying around?) and etc.

Here is the link to Mountain Laurel Designs ‘Thing’ or ‘Mopacka’:  which weighed 4 oz (114 grams) not including its flotation ie the Platypus bottles or inflatable pillows (eg Exped’s Ultralight pillow: but you carry them anyway!

Some folk have made their own. See these two discussions (I have ‘borrowed’ their photos for reference purposes – I hope they don’t mind. Thanks guys): Wine bladder PFD:


MLD ‘Thing’


MLD ‘Thing’


DIY ‘Thing’


DIY ‘Thing’


DIY ‘Thing’


DIY ‘Thing’

NB: There is a Facebook Packrafting group: as well as (at least) an Ameican Packrafting Association ( for folks who like to join things. Myself, I am like Groucho Marx: ‘I wouldn’t join anything which would have me as a member’!

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