Make Your Own Tarp or Hammock:

Tier Gear DIY Guides: Aussie Outfitter Tier Gear has an absolutely wonderful page of instructables here: which show in profound detail how to eg make your own superb hammock &/or hammock tarp – amongst other things. You can also buy all the materials from them. They deliver incredibly fast Australia-wide from their home in Tasmania. If you have any special order needs or questions they are exrtremely helpful and quick to answer.

If you don’t feel up to making your own gear (yet) you can order the same item from them already craftsman manufactured right here in Oz! And at a good price. For example, the Torrent 3.3 tarp shown in the photo is currently A$160. It is obviously a wonderful tarp which you could use instead of a tent (with a groundsheet) or as a hammock tarp. Its specs are as follows:

Ridgeline length: 335cm

Width: 280cm

Distance between bottom corners: 165cm
Panel pulls: None

Weight (in the stuff sack without cords or pegs):

Xenon Sil 1.1 (1500mmHH): 334grams (basic)


You might go on to make the same item later in .5 oz/yd2 perhaps in olive drab or camo. Available eg here: ) at about half the weight. Also check out their great range of interesting gear, eg suspension systems & etc For example:

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