Canoe Wonnangatta:

Ten delightful hours canoeing the beautiful Wonnangatta River from Kingwell Bridge to Waterford Bridge, as ‘we catch the wave’…/ (See also:…/)

Spot and Tiny in a supervisory role.

The water is crystal clear.

Della is still a slalom champ!

A delightful, shady lunch stop.

In this section the river journeys for many hours through the most serene and beautiful forest you can imagine – and full of beautiful camping spots! More photos to follow. Here is a foretaste. Delightfully we have found at least one campsite here where our mobile phones and internet both work! I will post each section later as separate posts.

PS: We canoed the section Black Snake Creek to Hut Creek (Scorpion Track) at 1.73 on the Waterford gauge on 16/01/2017. We did not have to get out of the canoes. I feel it would still be canoeable and most enjoyable at 1.70.

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