Wonnangatta: Black Snake to Hut Creek

This is the second section downstream from the Kingwell Bridge. It takes about two hours including rest stops. It makes a delightful after-lunch canoe trip if you are camped at Black Snake Creek or at Kingwell Bridge. You put in where the Creek joins the river and there is a small pebbly beach.

Straightaway you are into a long right-curving chute which goes on for nearly a kilometre. Delightful.

With a couple of pebble races thrown in just for fun. Like this one:

And this:

About a kilometre in there is a splendid swimming hole with a beach on one side and a deep pool complete with diving rock on the other.

Another Grade 1 rapid.

A long deep section.

Spot is on lookout. What a great swimming hole this is on a right hand bend. The long  flat on the true right bank below it has many possible grassy campsites if you are planning a lazy, multi-day canoe odyssey from Kingwell Bridge all the way to Waterford..

The river is so clean and clear.

Some of these interesting trees have spring up here and there. I suspect they are weeds and are inedible – at least the birds have been ignoring them. Can anyone identify them? They are not loquats: the fruit have hundreds of tiny seeds like tomatoes.

Here is what the flowers looked like some months ago.

Maguires Flat is on the true left bank here. Scorpion Creek is on the right.

The last straight. At the end of Maguires Flat there is a pebble race (you go down the left hand side). Hut Creek is straight ahead of you on the left bank. It is easy to be swept past, particularly at high water (ie over 1.8 metres) so you should have checked this out before you started at Black Snake Creek when you were leaving your vehicle here. You have to drag your boats about fifty yards back along the bank of the creek to your car, but it is easy. Someone else could clear some of the fallen branches – after all what is the ‘Dept of Many Names’ for? Well, I wonder…

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