Secrets of the Yarra: Walsh’s Creek & Yarra Falls:

Now underneath the Upper Yarra Dam Walsh’s Creek was once one of the delights of walking the Upper Yarra Track .You can get some idea of how beautiful it once was from these old photos kindly sent to me  by Thomas Osburg. See:

And this was McVeigh’s Hotel at the junction of the Yarra & Walsh’s Creek, a transit stop on the way to the famous Yarra Falls (Victoria;s highest):


And this was what the (now forbidden) Yarra Falls looked like back in 1909 & etc:


Here is a more recent photo of the bottom fall:

This may even be an 1845 painting by Hodddle of the Yarra Falls:

They certaoinly are spectacular waterfalls, deserving to once again become one of Victoria’s premier tourist attractions.

And this is an interesting shield of a cycling tour of the Yarra Track in bygone days:

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