Vargo Titanium Pocket Cleats:

Vargo has this lighter traction device for snow and ice slippery clay, etc:  They weigh 2.3 oz 66 grams nearly 1/3rd the weight of the competition so they might find a place in your pack if you are going somewhere slippery. Cost is US$59.95

Ultralight Traction Device

‘Improve speed and traction on winter runs or ultralight hiking with the Vargo Titanium Pocket Cleats™.  The titanium alloy spikes claw into snow and ice yet weigh nearly a third the weight of the competition without reducing strength or durability.  When not in use the legs fold down and nest to easily fit into packs or pockets. Nylon carrying case included.

Available in three sizes:

Small: Women’s 6.0 – 9

Medium: Women’s 9.5 – 12; Men’s 8.0 – 10.5

Large: Men’s 11 – 13

Note: Pocket Cleats™ will not fit or work well with shoes that have extra-thick soles (“Fat Shoes”) or shoes with a non-hourglass shape sole.


Titanium alloy construction

Compact folding legs

Reliable Duraflex™ fasteners

High strength nylon webbing

Convenient nylon carry case


Weight (medium)     Size Open            Size Closed

2.3 ounces each       5.9″L x 1.8″W       4.3″L x 1.8″W

66 grams)                (150 x 45 mm)     (110 x 45 mm)’

Another great vargo product – if you want some decent coffee on the trail:

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