First Bag Your Omelet:

Long ago I noticed that powdered eggs are once again available in Australia: Coles Supermarket, Cake aisle: and that they would go well with the Hormel’s Bacon Pieces (Dehydrated). Powdered eggs are wonderfully nutritious: 5.5 calories per gram, and they contain lots of protein and useful fat too. This 150 gram container is 835 calories, definitely more than two whole meals for me. I would use about 50 grams to which I would add some other ingredients to, making up an omelet of about 500 calories. You may need more.

Farm Pride Powdered Whole Eggs omelet recipe

It’s a bit like noticing that dehydrated French Onion Soup ought to be a great resource and meal base but then never getting around to inventing a meal which uses it. Well I did with the onion soup, see for example:

Now it is the powdered eggs’ turn. Of course I have already tried them out as reconstituted scrambled eggs and they make a fine breakfast, particularly if you fry some Chinese sausage with them (it doesn’t require refrigeration until after the packet is opened, so you have to eat it all. Oh Dear! It comes in approx 155 gram packets, so it’s not too much) The sausage also gives you the oil to cook the eggs in. A little bit of powdered milk in with the powdered eggs makes them fluffier and tastier, just like with fresh ingredients at home!

You can bring along some tallow to fry your omelet in (as described here or you can bring along the omelet ingredients mixed together in a ziplock bag, add enough water to reconstitute them then simmer the bag in your cookpot – which means you don’t need oil, and you don’t have to wash up either! I would not count on this method though as the plastic bag may leak or melt and you will maybe be left with no dinner. Add a bit of tallow which increases the food value and the certainty of a delicious meal!

I would definitely want some onion and garlic powder in my omelet, and some bacon pieces. If you have brought some dried tomatoes, they would go well too. There are a number of other interesting dried herbs you might add, eg chives and parsley are a definite for me. Maybe thyme, basil, oregano for you. . Salt and pepper to taste. i enjoy the taste of paprika sometimes. I also enjoy curried eggs. I’m sure you have your own favourite omelet recipes. Oh, I always have some cheese along (for lunches). A little bit of shaved cheese always goes nicely on an omelet. As I have some salami (also for lunch) ditto!

Some other recipes from folks who find it easier to find dehydrated vegies than we do in Australia!

Or you can cook your at home then dehydrate it, eg:

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