Ultralight Windscreen:

And, here is the titanium windscreen to go with your esbit stove  – or maybe your egg-ring stove and your ultralight cookpot to complete your (60 gram) ultralight cookset. Windscreen: Weight: 0.5oz  (14g) Dimensions: 22 7/8″ (580mm) x 4 3/4″ (120mm)  US$10.95 (September 2017) You might also be interested in this product 1.5 gram to prevent you burning your lip:

Your Ultralight Cookset, 60 grams: Cookpot 39 grams, Esbit stove 11.5 grams, windscreen much less than (you would cut it down) 14 grams = total weight < 64.5, or say 60 grams! Not a lot of weight for a warm meal or a cuppa in the wilds.

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