Adjustable Hammock Ridgeline

A Great Idea: It adds 6 grams to my hammock set-up but improves comfort much more than that by allowing a flatter ‘hang’ – and it allows for somewhere to hang your gear. It works on the same principle as the Whoopie Sling. Genius. I bought mine from this guy for A$16.95 (Nov 2017). Very cheap but very well made.

Mine was red. Here it is in action in the garden with Spot supervising:

Of course in the bush I would have my 150 gram 8′ x 8′ cuben fibre tarp over this. You can see it here: It has kept me warm and dry in quite a number of interesting situations. It is possible to have a fire out to the side, and to sit cozily in the hammock whilst gazing at the flames licking at the embers. Better than TV. I just throw my Thermarest Neoair Womens mat in (you may need a longer one), and shove a couple of pieces of blue foam under my elbows and I am comfy and cozy in all weathers.

The hammock/tarp combo is only a little over 300 grams. Pretty hard to get a tent and bathtub floor which will keep you as dry (but not as comfortable) for anywhere near that weight.

A variety of Ridgeline Gear Organisers exists to stow various overnight items in (eg phone, glasses, drink bottle, head torch, hearing aids). For example: and

These little guys are very handy too. Just add a mini carabiner:

As I have mentioned elsewhere I usually attach a length of cord to the inside end of my hammock so I can secure gear there so it doesn’t have to be outside on the wet ground. You can secure the gear with a micro carabiner, mitten hook or with a loop and a micro cord lock.

Unfortunately (as you can see) Spot likes to sleep in my hammock too (in his own little sleeping bag). I confess a hammock is more comfortable (but not so warm) without a dog.

Some other ideas here:

Instructions for DIY here:

Some other good ideas: If you want to suspend a ditty bag from the ridgeline it’s better if you place the cordlock inside the loop of cord) & here:

Shown is my Hummingbird Hammock which weighs a mere 147 grams, and which kept me safe in one of the wettest places on the planet the Dusky Track, Fiordland new Zealand. If I were you I would use this set-up with a lightweight tarp such as this Heron Rain Tarp which weighs 8.6 ounces or 245 grams and costs US$144.95 (Nov 2017) or this Standard Hammock Tarp which weighs 7 ounces or 198 grams and costs US$249!.

You could use either tarp as an on-ground shelter and the hammock as a groundsheet if you wanted to instead of a tent – as I explained here:

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