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I received this wonderful new Sony Cybershot DSC-WX500 for Xmas from my family to replace my old Nikon which has seen better days (after drowning it in the Wonnangatta recently).

I suspect the Nikon  can be repaired (and I will try). It has taken thousands (32 gigs worth!) of excellent photos in the last two years, so it deserves a bit of a rest. From memory it weighed 162 grams including battery and card and had 20X zoom which I thought spectacular for a pocket camera:http://www.theultralighthiker.com/new-camera/

This Sony replacement weighs 209 grams but has a 30X zoom and High Dynamic Range. This morning I tried it out on full zoom on a couple of subjects in the garden. It managed to take the shots perfectly with no shake or blur, as if you were using a macro lens almost. I anticipate I will acquire lots of fine shots of wildlife with it over the next couple of years (so long as I can manage to keep it out of the river).

A number of other manufacturers also have 30 X zoom Or better in a compact camera, but all the others are just too heavy for one’s breast pocket I’m afraid. I have had wonderful service from my (old) waterproof Sony DSC-TX200V camera, (and from an earlier model Pentax Optio S40 – my first digital camera, bought in 2004 – what a revolution that was!). All my canoeing and wet weather photos have been taken with this 5X zoom Sony waterproof – which has as yet not been bettered (unfortunately).

One advantage this camera has over my old one is the flip up screen (one of the things which also makes it heavier though) but which will allow me to take better selfies – as if you want to see my ugly mug plastered all over my posts!

Here are my first three shots. A 30X zoom of one of dela’s roses, and below it the same rose taken from about a foot away. It is hard to see the difference in the clarity of the image, though of course the background is very different without the zoom.

This wonderful new bird has turned up in della’s garden from Nth Qld: It is a White headed Pigeon, a resident of the rainforests three. It is so beautiful. We hope it will stay and breed! 30 X zoom:

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  1. Sorry to hear the Nikon has gone to God mate, even after such a quick drink ! Best keep it out of the breast pocket.
    The new Sony looks flash.
    Hope you had a great Xmas and Happy New Year to you all.

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