Three Stags

I just love living at Jeeralang. Every day there is something new or wonderful to see, sometimes several. On our evening walks we often see some deer. Usually I only have my phone, so I have lots of lousy shots of them. This evening I had my new camera. I had thought until recently that they were all does, but they have now all grown fine sets of antlers, particularly the dark coloured one. Could he be a sambar cross, do you suppose? One of them left us an antler some time back. I couldn’t get any closer than this because of the Jack Russells who would have chased them away. They certainly are in beautiful condition.

One Stag…

Two Stags…

Three Stags:

I even managed to get some video of them, but I needed a tripod such as this:

Still, here it is:

PS: I have found over the years that the two most common groups of deer (sambar or otherwise) I encounter in the bush are family groups comprising a mature stag, a few does and their young  – some of them as old as spikers, or groups of stags like this which have been driven away from the hinds and flock together for company. I have seen as many as seven in one group, usually at the heads of gullies.

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4 thoughts on “Three Stags”

  1. Trevor Mustey

    Awesome young Bucks” I can’t say I’ve heard of Sambar crossing with Fallow deer, I know that Sambar cross with Rusa to produce Sambusa and dark colouring is fairly common in Fallow so that’s my guess??, I wonder where his daddy is? I bet he’s a beauty!!.

  2. I just want to say thanks very much once again! I keep coming back to your blog from time to time and always find something inspiring here!

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