Cheap Insulated Inflatable Pad:

Klymit’s Ultralight V Sleeping Pad is on Massdrop this morning for US63.74 delivered to Australia ($64.34 delivered to USA address). They have an R rating of 4.4 – enough for the coldest night. You can also pick up one of their excellent pillows for an extra US15. I would go for the 5 foot model (150 cm – 440 grams) which will just fit me (I am 5’7” or thereabouts). So long as your feet don’t touch the ground they won’t be cold – it is a waste carrying a pad longer than yourself, and only makes the pad less comfortable actually. If you miss out here you can get one direct from Klymit for US$119.95. This one is 6 foot long and weighs 431 grams (same R rating)

If you missed out on one here (I did), you will pick one up later on. They reappear on Massdrop quite frequently (along with lots of other wonderful stuff. Why not join?

A cheaper version of this mat is now available as an in-stock product from US$59.99: plus freight (surprisingly cheap).

These mats can be cut down very easily to the desired size, and can weigh well under 400 rams for an R 4.4 mat:

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4 thoughts on “Cheap Insulated Inflatable Pad:”

  1. I have two of these. I have slept a month on long road/backpack trips. Amazing something so light can be so comfortable. I damaged a valve by pulling too hard on it.. They had a new one to me in two days. Highly recommend.

  2. I almost purchased one today, but got nervous about the shipping to Australia, as there was no indication of additional amounts I would have to pay. How do you know how much the shipping will be to Australia without first joining the drop?

    1. After you join the drop it tells you. You don’t have to commit and pay until after you can see the shipping information. You may have to wait for the next time they come up (not long usually). I was going to get a ‘Short’ but they sold out really quickly. Cheers, Steve.

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