K-Mono Cut

I am looking for new lightweight raincoats for each of us. I came across this wonderful innovative cut on Montbell’s Versalite rain jacket (Womens Medium 142 grams, Mens 168 grams A$190). This is a really genius idea.

‘Cut from a single piece of fabric, K-MONO CUT drastically reduces the amount of seam lines eliminating areas where water can penetrate, promoting the jacket to be lighter and durable. This innovative pattern is based on Montbell’s philosophy of “Ki-no-bi” which is a Japanese term for “Function is Beauty”.

< WATERPROOF > Reducing the amount of seam lines eliminates areas where water can penetrate the jacket.
< LIGHTWEIGHT > Minimizing the amount of seam lines and tapes reduce the jacket’s final weight.
< DURABILITY > Limiting the amount of seam lines around the stressing shoulders and hips improve the jacket’s durability.’

PS: The raincoat looks pretty hard to beat too:


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