Cosco Quilt

A DIY Sleeping Quilt for the Budget Hiker: A lightweight sleeping bag is one of the most expensive pieces of gear that the novice ultralight hiker will need. Lots of folks have suggested using/modifying the Cosco quilt which seems like a good idea if you are on a budget. You can buy them for about $US40 (April 2018) per pair!

By the same token a sound comfortable night’s sleep is a real essential if you are going to continue to enjoy the outdoors experience. Saving up for a really good insulated inflatable pad (such as this or this or this) or sleeping bag might be a better strategy. For the same reason (comfort) I always recommend people take a chair such as the Big Agnes Cyclone  at 170 grams and US$59.95 (April 2018)


Nonetheless,here are some links to transforming a standard quilt into something much more suitable for hiking:

No Sew Version:

A similar ready-made product:

and another:

DIY Ultralight Hiking Quilt: Materials available here: or complete kit here: Ray-Way Quilt Kit (US$109.95 Mar 2018):

No Sew Costco Down Wearable Top Quilt: This person has created this wonderful dual-purpose garment here. I hope they don’t mind my reposting one of their photos so you can see how it works:

or you can buy buy a similar thing  here:

See Also:

Other Budget Hiking  Ideas here:


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