Ultralight Rain Gear

Our new Montbell raincoats and umbrellas have arrived just in time for testing on an upcoming trip (PS: They worked just swell!) The two shown are Della’s (modeled by our daughter, Merrin) in front of our Siligloo tent which we have been making a bathtub floor for. The coat is the Versalite Women’s Medium (colour Mallard) which weighs 160 grams (on our scales). It s claimed waterproofness is 30,000 and breathability 43,000. Della is very pleased with it. It will save her a couple of hundred grams off her pack weight. Some of that saving will be taken up (on some trips) by her Ultralight Trekking Umbrella at 128 grams.

I have a matching jacket (Burgundy Mens XL = 200 grams) and an ’emergency’ umbrella, their Travel Umbrella at 86 gram. Unbelievable. Yet durable too! It is a magical piece of gear which as to be seen to be believed – but a real life saver if you are ever stuck outside for a protracted period in freezing rain – something which can happen at any time of the year given the right (wrong) circumstances.

These items come highly recommended by lots of other folk. We have heaps of other Montbell gear including their Ultralight Super Super Stretch Spiral Down Hugger #3 sleeping bags, Superior Down vests and coats, and Thermawrap vests and coats for example. Their gear has always been just about the lightest, best priced, and best gear we have found. The items are available in Australia from Larry Adler here.

We can now have fun hiking in the rain.


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