Everyone Loves a Good Fire

Certainly Della and the two dogs, Spot and Honey do. It’s been such a dry autumn that burning off has been postponed into early winter to prevent the risk of fire. This pile used to be a large cypress that needed to come down in my daughter’s front yard in Traralgon. Nearly 60 metres in all the loads on the Defender to get it her where it could be safely disposed of today.

How time flies for dogs. Honey will be 6 months old next week and looks like she might be going to be bigger than Spot. A little bit of Corgi in with that Jack Russell looks like too, but maybe just a type variation. She also looks like becoming the boss, poor Spot. Already 4 months since Tiny left us.

The quality of the shots is not great as they were taken on my old Samsung Galaxy S4 Mini (and the lens needed a bit of a clean too, by the looks). Maybe soon I will have a new phone such as the Atom.

The aftermath. All gone:

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery: not to be outdone our neighbours lit their immense bonfire a couple of night’s later. They had taken down a hundred year old cypress hedge. These flames must be more than 100′ high. Look how small their SUVs are on the left and their old house on the right!

You probably think burning off is all we do around here:



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