Rich Beyond Telling

Most evenings if we go for a walk at the back of Yinnar a huge flock of yellow-tailed black cockatoos comes in to roost after spending the day dispersed sowing destruction on innumerable hapless plants all about (as is their wont). I guess there has to be at least a thousand of them. Their raucous calls ( a language in its own right I daresay) is well-nigh deafening when you are close by and they are all around you – as they were last night.

I tried to get some shots of them silhouetted against the sky –  as Della would like to use them as patterns for some crafty textile thing she has in mind. I also tried to get this one adjacent to the waxing moon, but was not wholly successful.

In some sad pet shop elsewhere I doubt not a pair would be worth $10,000 – or more. This noisy crowd which surrounded me or drank from a roadside puddle at my feet must therefore be worth several million dollars – yet for a time each evening, they are all mine. How rich am I?

The new camera takes a passing decent hand-held snap of the moon, don’t you think? If only I could have captured it and the cockie together with this sort of clarity.

You have to take a lot of snaps before you get a really great one, don’t you?

Like this one:

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