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This autumn we were in Scotland when our fields were alive with field mushrooms, alas. Mushroom time is one of my favourites. I always collect heaps of them, fry them up with lots of butter, onions and bacon then smother golden toast or pasta with them. I guess my waistline isn’t  missing them. This evening I thought I would just snap some of the many  many different kinds of fungi which were peeking out of the woods at us on our evening walk:

Some of these guys are edible but the ones below are definitely not!

I particularly like these ones cause they explode in a cloud of yellow powder when they are ripe.

Fungi are not a good survival or forage food actually. You need too much expertise to identify them. Fruit and roots are a better choice – as indeed are beetle larvae! The one below – one of the many kinds of bracket fungi though are excellent (when dried) as tinder. Even straight off the log like this many will smoulder for many minutes.

Below, Della’s collage. The dogs get into the act:

You can see what Spot thinks of Amanita (Fly Agaric), the ‘Santa Claus’ mushroom so called they say because it can give you the hallucination of flying – and death!

Of course I could not resist snapping this lovely little fallow hind out for her evening browse – until the dogs startled her!

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