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Massdrop now have some of their great specials in stock – so you don’t have to wait for a drop. For example, they have the Enlightened Equipment Quilt I recently posted about for US $219.99 (Jun 2018).

Their excellent  Fizan compact hiking poles I wrote about here are just US$59.99 a pair.

The Massdrop Klymit pilllow I wrote about here is only US$14.99.

They also have the Massdrop Pine Down Blanket which would make a real good summer quilt for US$99 (Jun 2018).

And especially, the Massdrop Klymit Ultralight V Sleeping Pad is only US$59.99 (add $5 for a longer one). This is not quite the same pad I wrote about here (it is not the 23″ wide one, which is US94.95) and has an extra valve which increases its weight by around 14 grams, but it is very like it – and it does come in a 25″ width. It still has that amazing for the price R- rating of 4.4. That is a super cheap cold season pad. You will need one of those in the mountains this winter – and perhaps the quilt and pillow too!

You could afford to play around with it and shorten it to just the length you need. Here is a 20 second video from the great John Abela from showing just how easy that is to do (this was with an uninsulated one – it would take a little longer to get the surplus insulation out of the way of the iron). Well done John:

If you need that in more detail and step by step, Danny Milks from Massdrop has them here:

Danny manages to cut down the Klymit version of the pad to 398 grams at 5′ 8″ for example. It would be more like 375 at 5’4″ which would be big enough for either if us. This compares quite favorably to the Neoair (at approx half the price – and a little more insulation). I need to try one out for comfort, and to see how the ridged design allows the down in one’s sleeping bag to loft out and keep oneself warm.

Check all the in stock items out here:

NB: If you don’t cut the pad off square it might not fir your Cyclone Chair in which case you will have sacrificed comfort for a few grams, which is just silly. A good night’s rest will make the miles go by easily the next day better than anything else.

NB 2: These mats already have an anti skid surface applied. See:

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