Clever Titanium Windscreen

Steve Evans at Suluk 46 has a really cleverly designed adjustable titanium windscreen. You especially need a windscreen if you are cooking with alcohol or esbits, but in any case the wind will steal as much as half of the heat your stove is generating. That wasted fuel will weigh much more than this neat ultralight windscreen: 16, 19, 23 grams depending on height US$29 (Jun 2018) You could or course easily cut its diameter down if you did not need quite so much length.

Other Suluk products I have liked include his Tark Ultralight Titanium Trowels (  I have already explained in my post Hatchet that the reason I would choose the Titanium trowel (Vargo also make one) over a very similar weight aluminium one is that it is very carefully designed to not wear out your hand, and being stronger and harder than aluminum (more than double) it will wear out much more slowly, therefore justifying the extra cost especially in a survival situation where you may need to do an awesome amount of digging for water. Of course you may even need to use it to dig a shelter. Or a cat hole! 13 grams that may save your life? A no-brainer, surely? Yet another reason for carrying such a trowel is that it makes a brilliant tent peg.

Another great product I have written about is his Uki Buck Saw. a 12″ saw which weighs 127 grams and costs US$74 Jun 2018.

He also makes the Rolls Royce of wood gasifier stoves, the TDW at 90 grams! I own one and am mighty impressed. Look how beautifully it burns!

And there are many other wonderful titanium products available at his website. There you will also find some descriptions of his interesting adventures. I found his report on the Everest Base Camp Walk invaluable in preparing for my own, for example.

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