The Tree-Planting Team Today.

‘Over 80 trees planted since Thursday – Great work, guys!’ (Della)

Above, my grandson, Milo and my lovely daughter, Merrin, and me! No, at just under three years of age he is not too young to drive!

I am very pleased – as my back was so bad a couple of days ago I had trouble walking or standing for more than a couple of minutes. I have now been incapacitated for six weeks. Damn-it! but after the last few days I am hoping that we may get a couple of hundred more trees planted before Spring. This method is really great: and this:

Running Tally this Spring: 245 planted by this morning: 5/10/2018 – the forest is coming!

We have ‘retired’ from farming onto our long-neglected home 25 acres having sold all our other farms in 2012 and invested the proceeds so we have something to (modestly) live on. We will not take charity from the Government – or anyone! We plan that before we ‘shuffle off this mortal coil’ it will be a sheep-forest with useful and nutritious trees every 15 yards or so, and fox-proofed so that the birds and (small) wildlife which will benefit can proliferate.

Already there is some progress:

PS: We built our own (mud-brick) house here making every brick ourselves by hand, cutting every piece of wood and driving every nail ourselves. We even did the plumbing and wiring ourselves. We have also been self-sufficient in meat, fruit and vegetables for nearly thirty years. This is where we raised the kids so we don’t ever want to leave. To get a better idea what it looks like round here see:

See Also:

PPS: Merrin grew up here and plans to build her own house (soon) on our property. Here she is over 25 years ago as a small girl:



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