Bird Feeder

Della is happy at least with her new feeder: ‘New view out my kitchen window! Thank you to everyone for this wonderful Birthday gift. The voucher for my choice of bird-house had been waiting months for me to redeem…but there were so many choices, and I wanted to find the best style and garden placement. Well, eventually I got there, and this is just perfect! The native garden is already a bird haven and the seed eaters will very quickly suss out the new feeder. The steps provide easy access for seed scattering and when the bottlebrush blooms above it open, it will be a real treat to see! Thanks also to Steve Jones for installing it despite the pain in his back the day before his operation!’ My back is still giving me hell now a week after my op. I trust that it is all just a part of the healing process. I have been poring over maps of places to go when I am back on my feet. I will not be allowed to lift more than 2kg until the end of October! By then we will have to concentrate on high country hikes like this or canoeing like this.

Posts are Light as I said back when as I just can’t sit up or stand for any length of time yet. But (hopefully) I will get better, and be better than I have been for a long time! Many thanks for all the kind wishes.


PS: Feeder from Bird’s The Word, Mornington Peninsula Victoria.

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